New in!

Hi sweeties!

Today I went into town to buy me some new makeup and other stuff! You can’t get enough of makeup, that’s just how it is. Anyway, I wanted to try some of H&M’s new products and I found a lot, I wanted to buy so much more than I did. But it’s not the last time I go there so, I will buy more another day haha. I’m just gonna show you in pictures what I got:).

I loved these eyeshadow palettes and the lipstick! I got the palettes ‘ Smokey Nudes ‘ and ‘ Aubergine Dream ‘ :). Can’t wait to try these! And the green and pink stuff you see here in the first picture is some kind of mudmask för oily skin and for people who has problem with their skin. I found a lot of these for dry skin ect. Gonna try one tonight I think and see how it works on my skin!

20151009_170852 20151009_171725 20151009_183449 20151009_183500 20151009_220721

These three products they just put there, they can do that sometimes – and I didn’t even see when she put it in my bag så it was a nice surprise haha!


That’s it guys, todays question for you is – What do you think of H&M’s new products? Have you tried it yet or do you want to?:) leave a comment below with your favorite!

xoxo, thessa


2 thoughts on “New in!

    1. They have actually had makeup for as long as I can remember, at least here in Sweden anyway. But they’ve got some new stuff that I really love! These are amazing, but they don’t have different names like other pallettes have. These are ” A ” and so on 🙂 😛 You should really try it out:)

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