Autumn-inspired makeup

Hello sweeties!

I love looking around on youtube and we’heart’it and so on for lots of inspiration from everything from makeup to hairstyles, hair colors and nails. So today I thought I had already done a makeup inspired by both Louise Teasdale and Lottie Tomlinson, so today I thought I would do a makeup inspired by Zoella! As I also think is a lovely and funny blogger / YouTuber. Her makeup always looks so great too, so how can you not try them out ?! 🙂

Anyway, I looked at this video tutorial from her since last year…But who really cares what year it is from ?! haha. Don’t even know why I pointed it out.

What do you think? I used a little brighter colors, cause I didn’t have exactly the ones that she used. I love it , the colors bring out the blue in my eyes.



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