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Beauty products – Review of the September box


Benefit – Roller lash mascara
This mascara I have seen quite a lot now, so I thought it was very nice to get a test in this month box. It says it will help to bend and make lashes appear longer / fuller etc. However, I have already sufficiently long eyelashes naturally already so I did not notice so much when it came to it, but I thought that this separates the lashes very well and they become fuller than usual. With this, you don’t have to put on layer upon layer, cuz it already looks good after the first round of mascara!

KUESHI – Anti Cellulite Booster
This I have not tried out yet, but from what I have heard and seen the consistency is very runny and it does not smell so good. But I think it moisturizes well but I’m very skeptical about this ” helps against cellulite ” when  I find it hard to believe that any cream can help against cellulites.

Naked Lips – Organic Tinted Lip Balm
This lip balm is one of my favorites this fall, the one I got in the box has a deep red color(Color; Plush Red)  while it also has a little shimmer to make it a little more ” alive ”. I think not all – but most of us anyway like to go with a bit darker colors  as we move towards autumn and the colder times. A plus with this brand and conditioners is that the packaging is recyclable and the content is so clean that you can ‘eat it’ ‘according to themselves. This one smells a bit like orange chocolate.

Glam of Sweden – Caviar Pearls
This is a new Swedish brand where you can find a bit of everything from nail polish, artificial nails and makeup accessories ect. In this box I received their Caviar Pearls in different colors that you can decorate your nails with. Personally, I’m not so into this with caviar pearls on the nails or at all, so I have to think about how I’m gonna use them. Perhaps to some autumn makeup or something. Who knows!:)

Hope you guys liked my little review of the September box! We usually get 5 different products in our boxes. This time, they failed to add the 5th, so no review there. Below you’ll be able to see how the lipbalm looks on cuz I used it in todays look. 🙂

Keep your eyes open for the next update

xo, Thessa.



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