my day

Super blood moon

Hi Cupcakes!

As you know, I wrote that I would be out and take pictures of the super blood moon earlier in the week. So I set the alarm at 4am, stayed up until 2am anyway just to see when it all began. Stupid as I was, I haven’t  learned all the settings and so on on my camera yet, so I didn’t get  great photos at all. I was quite disappointed, but I should probably have been in a better place when I took them,  and taken the time to fix the camera before it all started! I hope you got better ones, I stood  on the balcony and watched for a while anyway because it was so incredibly beautiful and the moon were huge! Even at 7pm it was so so big.

Next time it happens is in the year 2033, so it sucks a bit haha.
But I’m glad I got to see it with my own eyes anyway even if I did not get a good picture to look back on and remember it that way.

Here’s one of my pictures, do you see what I mean? haha. Did you take any photos of the moon?:)



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