The products that I use for my hair

Hi sweeties!

In this post, I thought I’d share some of my favorite hair products and also show a small video of how I do to get a little extra volume and I will also talk about my Hair-O-Scope. Just like your ordinary zodiac sign but for your hair,. I hope you’ll like it :).


I would say this is pretty true when it comes to me and my hair/personality. As you may know I did a very blonde ombre this summer and absolutly loved it! I have now went from that to nougat brown with the blonde still shining through a little cuz I didn’t wanna go all brown and dark, so it’s not totally gone. One thing that I do that I really shouldn’t is that I wash my hair every day, I get quite greasy hair and have very oily skin so my hair feels pretty disgusting when I don’t wash it. I know it dries out your hair a lot so I try to resist but it’s hard not to. I get frizzy hair quite easy too, so hence all the care products ( I don’t use all at once) for the hair so it will stay soft and smooth :).

When it comes to my personality , I am a girl who can be a little sensitive, depending on the situation. But I don’t know if I’m so mysterious, or intense. I love getting people in a good mood and put a smile on their face even in hard times. I have heard that I have ” heart in the right place ”. I don’t really know how to describe my personality in a better way than that.

Now my question for you guys is – What are your favorite products? Do you have any favorite hairstyle that you rock the most or try new ones maybe every day? Please give me tips in the comments and maybe show what you do in a tutorial or pictures!

And if you wanna know what haircolor or style that’s best for you you can always go and visit Madison Reeds, a hair care company that has created a healthier dye. You can check out their hair dye advisor to see what color is best for you by a simple click  HERE .

For those of you who use hair ties a lot, the ones that I show in the video is really good! Doesn’t damage your hair nearly as much and they are much better than regular hair ties. Another plus is that they don’t give your hair tangles and you avoid the ugly line that becomes of the usual hair ties. I personally love them!

To see the video of how I get my hair ready you’ll need to click HERE , the video didn’t look good on youtube because I used another program before when I have changed things on my computer so I don’t have a video maker – program yet.  – stupid me. But here it is and I hope you’ll take a sec to look at it :).


Hope you will enjoy and if you have any questions about the products that I use or just want me to do a post about what they do or something else , just leave a comment below!:)

xo , Thessa.


4 thoughts on “The products that I use for my hair

      1. The spray is my holy grail of hair products…now the shampoo might seem weird but the men 3 in 1 works wonders for my hair!


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