Glossy Box


” Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. ” ~ Sophia Loren

Today I have been working on some posts who will come up sometime this week, and I have been studying like a madman these past two weeks because I hope I’ll get my driving license after this week! But it’s not what i’m gonna talk about now , is it?! No, because I’ll give you all my review on my box of beautyproducts that I got right before we left for Greece.


This month’s theme is ‘ Front your beauty’ which is about strengthening your own beauty. These are the products we got from that.

WELLA PROFESSIONALS EIMI ‘Perfect Me Lightweight BB lotion’                           Which is a BB-lotion for your hair, it nourishes the hair and gives a healthy, shiny and soft hair without frizz while protecting against UV light and works as a heat shield. I think it has worked well on my hair and a plus is that it smells good!

MANNA KADAR COSMETICS ‘ Lash Primer ‘                                                              I saw that this is a prize-winning primer that builds and enhances the lashes while getting nutrition. I used it on the lashes at night when it functions as a moisturizing conditioner,  the lashes felt good in the morning, and after the shower I used it as a base for my mascara. The result was super – I already have long, dark lashes and still got pleasantly surprised. However, a day later I got an allergic reaction ( didn’t have any problems before this, so it has to be this one who did it)  and my eyelids are red and swollen / dry and itchy. So unfortunately I will probably not use this again.

PROACTIV + Green tea moisturizer                                                                               This is a moisturizing and caring face cream that I was very glad to get in the box, the ingredients of this effectively removes pimples and blemishes while leaving your skin fresh. I think it feels great on the skin and is quickly absorbed just as it promises, but I don’t know if I notice the help for pimples when I’m already taking medicine for my pimples ( I have really oily and bad skin ). But I’m pretty sure it helps with that too! Nothing bad to say about this product, and we all know that green tea is good for our body and skin.

EMITÉ MAKE UP Eyeshadow brush, E144                                                                   This brush, I thought in the beginning was just too big and clumsy to work with, but now when I got into the technique, I love it. From being used to work mostly with my hands when I was younger to suddenly buy lots of  brushes and actually get into some ” serious ” makeups, I think I do it real good haha! No but jokes aside though – I like it, and it gives a beautiful depth for your eyes.

HOT MAKEUP lip balm                                                                                                                                          This is a lip balm that smells like melon, and you don’t get that gross taste in your mouth when you happen to like lick your lips or something. It’s great and makes your lips feel wonderful. I actually got the box in my hands only like 20 minutes before me and my boyfriend left home, so I hurried to peek through the box to see if I could bring something with me to Greece. I took this one right away and let it be my savior against dry lips there! Perfect.

So this is it guys, I hope you liked my review on this box and I will try and not let it go this long before I give you a review on my other box that will come this month!

xo, Thessa


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