Pictures from Greece part 1

Hi sweeties!

Now I finally put all the photos, from Greece to the computer. So, I figured I would post part 1 now tonight and then I’ll post a ‘ part 2 ‘ another day 🙂 It’s so many pictures so it will just look messy if I post all at once.

We were in Chania – Platanias, it was incredibly beautiful and wonderful weather every day from the time we got up in the morning until the time we got to bed late at night. Perfect – I already longing back! Sweden was really cold in comparison haha. Everyone is so incredibly friendly and genuine in Greece too!

Anyway , here’s the pictures, everything from car trips to the beach – we only had 60 meters to the beach from the hotel! 🙂 unfortunately I don’t remember all the names on the places that we went to!

20150829_014759  20150829_17133820150829_22142420150831_14594320150831_14570620150901_13251520150901_13554820150901_18282020150902_12342520150902_12354420150902_123602 20150903_14405620150903_203714 20150903_21400320150903_151935


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