Does sugar help our beauty?

I stumbled across an article about sugar earlier today, we all know that sugar is not really good for the body and so on. But it turns out that it can be good for some other things, like removing grass stains on clothes or to suck on a sugar cube if you burned your tongue.
But what I wanted to get to, was that if you sprinkle powdered sugar on your lips after applying lipstick it said it will last longer. Is there any of you who have tried it before and know that it works, or is it all just talk. I think I’ll try it next time I use lipstick. We all know that you can peel your lips with sugar and olive oil, so why wouldn’t this work! 🙂

Another thing that came up was that the excessive consumption of sugar can give you wrinkles, and to cut down on sugar can help the skin retain its flexibility. In other words – I found a lot of interesting things that sugar helps with.

Pretty random but good information, right? haha.

Allt the love, Thessa.


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