my day

Lovely weekend

Hello sweeties!

This weekend have been all cozy though my boyfriend have been working all weekend :/ and the weather have been a little bit of both sunshine and rain, today it’s all about the rain but that doesn’t bother me since it’s Sunday and I’ve nothing important to do.

Yesterday my mom and I had a  mother and daughter day, we hung out and went to cozy cafés and walked around and looked at what the town had to offer. A festival that takes place here once a year where I live is currently being set up with rides and amusements, so we went and looked a little there and I can hardly wait until it begins. This weekend, all the artists will come who’s playing over the weekend and then presidential speech that always has some sort of surprise hidden haha.

Today, I have just woken up and had it cozy all day, went to a resturant and ate late lunch / dinner. After that, I have been at home at my  parents house and right now I’m in my old room.

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