Glossy Box

Review on last months glossy-products!

Sorry for the long wait on this.

This box  inspiration is Ibiza Queen.

As you know, I got one of my boxes last month and I’ve even managed to get my new before I even realized that perhaps it’s time to do my review of these products. Now, a new box with wonderful products is on it’s way home to me.


First out is the Sebastian Re-Shaper hairspray, which is a product I think  it delivers what it promised – You can brush your hair and re-shape it again however you want, it’s not sticky and smells really fresh.

2nd product is Medusa’s Makeup pressed mineral eye shadow (Maneater)
I was not so fond of the color, but it is easy to use. Don’t have so much more to say about this one to be honest.

3. Yves Rocher nail polish, I had already nail polish in these colors, though of a different brand. So now I have given them to my dear mother instead. I tried, however, the orange / coral colored nail polish and thought it sat well and it’s a lovely color perfect for summer.

4. The fourth item is ‘Tints and Sass’ with the taste of cherries, which you can use to cheekbones for a little extra color. I use this when I want to feel a little bit prettier, both in everyday life and on weekends. It’s really good and will not smear. Smells and tastes incredibly good.

And the final product for this time is these beautiful tattoos that you put on with a little bit help with water, it is very popular now in the summer to use them. Have seen an incredible number that has these kinds of tattoos now. It’s really neat, especially if you have a nice tan to. It’s a bit nostalgic about it all when you think back on how you wanted water tattoos when you  were a little toodler and could get it from Kinder eggs. haha. Perfect for when I’ll go on vacation :). Did buy me more of these stuff a few weeks ago that you can see down below.

Will end this post with a summer picture with sunshine and happy thoughts . Cuz, it’s raining all day here today. So yeah.



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