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Last month glossybox!

Hi sweeties!

I think I never had such a bad update that I have had during these last months.  I also  came to think of that I didn’t put up my box I received last month! So here it goes;

The first one is a Aloe Vers gel , that you can have everywhere on your body that smells really good 🙂 .

2. As you can see it’s for protection against the sun, it says face but of course you can use it anywhere. However, I think I will only use this in the face and stronger on my body.

3. This has to be my favorite of all of these. It’s a sea salt from john frieda. It’s reeaallyy good and smells amazing, like summer and coconut:). I would tell you all to buy this tbh haha. Loved this one and sadly enough it’s empty now and looking to buy one in the original size.

4. Coloran eyebrow color. It’s really good, I don’t think I have anything bad to say about this one. I don’t like to use it for too long when I usually have such lightbrown in my brows. So I easily can think it goes too dark, but I’ve gotten used to it and I actually like it really much now. I almost was like ” Omg, I HAVE EYEBROWS ” when I tried it the first time so yeah, really good haha.

5 . And the last one is………An invitation to Stockholm at some place where they do make ups and I get to go down for a day and look at different things there, which is different makeups ect  if I’m not mistaken! Got so happy when I got this when I have in mind to actually work as an Makeup artist in the future! Awesome.




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