Glossy Box

What products did I get?

I finally got my box last week, took a while though.

I have been testing  3/5 of the products, as you know, I tested the Incredible Face Mask from MayBeauty before today. It worked quite well actually, it hurt to take it off as it pulls the facial hair haha. It was fun to try and who knows, maybe I’ll buy it again sometime.

Also got a lipstick from Lord & Berry (Crayon Lipstick Extra Matte, Kiss)
It is a lovely red color. good texture, and very easy to apply. Never thought of buying one of those before, but looking to buy more in other colors for the summer.

The third and last  product that I have already been trying out is Schwarzkopf essence Ultime – Omega Repair BB Beauty Balm. It has a wonderful smell while it makes your hair feel fresh. I probably need to use it for a bit longer to get a proper result, however. It will apparently rebuild the structure of worn and damaged hair and prevent split ends.

At the bottom of this post you can see that I also got a giftcard from NaturalCycles. I have no idea what i’m gonna do with it to be honest. But i’m not gonna use it. It says that if you measure your temperature before you get out of bed in the morning, you can see if you can have sex without protection. If it is green, it is 99.9% safe while if it would show red you should just use a condom.

Sorry, but i just don’t believe in that crap. haha.

So this was my little review on this month box, Hope you liked it and I will try out the last 2 products later.

xo, Thessa.

20150429_165901 20150429_165916 20150429_170303 20150429_170351 20150429_171047


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