Glossy Box

Last month box

Sorry for the late review of the box from last month, I honestly forgot about it. Have been busy with work and other things, but now it’s here!:)


1.Royal Apothic Tinties lip butter

First out is the Royal Apothic Tinties lip butter, with the shade Pink.  It smells absolutely wonderful and makes the lips really soft. It contains Argan Oil and Grape Seed Oil to deeply hydrate and Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Butter to soothe. I have nothing bad to say about this product. It comes  in a really sweet jar as you can see.

2. NAOBAY (Natural And Organic Beauty And You )

This product is a moisturizing peeling,it’s great for your skin, I thought it would be like any other but this makes you feel fresh for much longer and I will be super soft and smooth in my face. It is completely organic with degradable packaging, since the plastic is made from recycled bottles and the cap is wood residues from the wood industry. None of their products are tested on animals which I think is great!

3. Oral- B Pearl Shine

Is a toothpaste that helps you get whiter teeth and will  protect your enamel on your teeth. It’s a good taste on it, I do not have much to say about it actually haha.

4. Elizabeth Mott ” You’re so fine” waterproof liquid eyeliner

This is an eyeliner with the color ” Glitterati”  I liked to work  with it a lot, but I still need to learn to do the ”perfect cat eye”. And I had mixed feelings about it being glitter in it , but it looked pretty sweet anyway.

5. Makeup Store Lipstick 

This is a lipstick from Makeup Store with the color Summer Cream. I’m usually more the type who likes to make lips dark red and shades like that, but I can say that I was pleasantly surprised with this bright color on my lips. It gives you a nice coral color. Perfect for summer!

6. The four gift cards we got in this box

We got giftcards in this box too from Bangerhead, Urbanears , Make up store and another from this toothpaste thing. I will use it sometime when i feel like i need it :).

Hope you liked this review and I will do another on the next box, it will come any day now.

Can you guess how many lipstick Clara Hallencreutz used in this design?;) tell me how many you think in the comments below!:)



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