Mid season sale at Nelly!

Hope you’re not missing out on Nellys mid season sale from 10% and even up to 80%!

And if you have found something, what did you get and what’s your favorite? I think they have some pretty stuff there, so i went on their site to look if i found anything i could put together and i found some stuff that you can see down below:).

God how I wished it could be summer already. I love love LOVE the black and white pants to be honest haha and the coat..

Anyway , Just click on the pictures to get to the clothes. Sorry for bad update, guys!

108613-0014_1 112253-7116_1 115418-5615_5 121346-0014_1 144143-0023_5 144157-0014_5  262295-0014_5 714506-5485_1 245725-0014_1719227-7971_1


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