Glossy Box

Glossybox in March

Newly arrived home after dinner out on the resturant with good company. Been a pretty stressful day so I’ll probably go to sleep soon. I work only tomorrow, then I’m off for 4 days. It’s Easter so all the kids have spring break now, I think.

Oh well, back to what I wanted to show you; My Glossybox for the month of March.
I have only tested the lipstick so far, and liked it actually. Otherwise I’m more for the darker lips :). So I’m just too excited to show you and haven’t even tried everything yet, so thought I would just show you and I will review this as I have tested everything :). Also – I loooove the design of this box!

20150330_182316 20150330_182330 20150330_182400 20150330_182444

xo , thessa


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