Glossy Box

What did I think about February’s Glossybox?

Hello loves.

I totally forgot to write about what I thought about February’s Glossybox! So I will do it now.

I begin with marsk microeyeshadow; I really like it, the color is lovely, dark with a little glitter and perfect to use if you want to do a smokey eye. Do not really have much negative to come by when it comes to it, except that it’s a little annoying when it comes to the wrong place.

Next is the NICKA K; As I have not learned to apply quite yet with applicator puff that comes with. I prefer brushes. But it’s a nice shade of pink.

Now for my favorite from The Body Shop, we had the honor of testing before it came out in stores
; Body Butter – Green Tea. I love it, I think it can be quite difficult to find a good body butter when they are either too oily in texture / feel so it feels like it does not really go into the skin, or it smells weird haha. But this is great and it gets super soft while it smells super good !! I recommend this highly.

I haven’t actually used these No7 creams, because I have no wrinkles, so I see no reason to test them.


Next post I will show you what I got in this month’s box, which I got home today. 😉

Allt the love, Thessa .x


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