Beauty – Wanties

Is it just me that always get in the mood to shop when you know you can’t get all crazy and buy everything you want?! I guess not. I’m always finding stuff when I can’t buy all of it and then when I can. I can’t find anything I want.. haha

But these are a few things that I have in my ”wanties – list ”

pic 1, The makeup mirror.. How amazing would it be to actually have good light while doing your makeup.

pic 2.Sensai Fresh Face Paper from kicks, that takes away the oil in your face so you can keep feeling fresh the whole day.

pic 3. I don’t know about this one, Have any of you tried it and is it good?

pic 4. Face wash with green tea and some more good vitamins.

pic5. GlamGlow – Mud mask treatment that help you get rid off blackheads ect.

pic6. FaceMist

pic8. Just wanna buy good brushes. I don’t have so many good  when it comes to it. I have mostly worked with my hands before..

aaaaand a new concealer.

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What is in your wanties-list?

All the love, Thessa .x


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