Glossy Box

So about the Glossy

Came home to a pleasant surprise tonight, which was this month Glossybox. Waited far too long, even though I know it always comes at the end of the month, but it feels forever.

This is what this box contains anyways, and The Body Butter from The Body Shop has not even come out in stores here in Sweden yet. So we glossies are the first to try it, it smells really good plus it’s green tea in it, which we all know is good for the body! 🙂

I will post later about it when I have tried the stuff as I did with last month box 🙂 I really liked the design of the box this month, inspired by Valentine’s day ect 🙂 .

20150226_201015 20150226_201131 20150226_201608 20150226_201645  20150226_202304 20150226_20271920150226_201744


2 thoughts on “So about the Glossy

    1. Yes, I think you should if you love these products. It’s totally worth the money :). I have found so many beauty boxes, so if i had money enough i would have them all haha. I believe there’s a glossybox usa too?


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