Review of the January Glossybox

As I told you before, I would do a little review of what I got in my Glossybox. So here it is.

First out is this;

fruit gorilla & friends


This is a lip balm from the brand ‘Fruit Gorilla & Friends’. The consistency is like a wax that you need to loosen up with your fingers before applying it on the lips, otherwise there will be lumps. It should also smell and taste good on the lips – There I think it is something wrong with my lip balm, it smells just wax. So it’s does not smell or taste orange as it should do. Which I should contact them and say.
Otherwise, it works perfectly – It really softens up my lips now that they are so dry in the winter. Plus, This lip balm contains only natural ingredients!

Little necessary / good facts about them; They are engaged in a charity project in collaboration with The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International. The point of this is to help the gorillas to get a better life, so for each one thousand jar produced they adopted an orphaned gorilla kid. How good is that?:)

Next is ; Makeup store microshadow


I think it’s a nice shade, a little dark if you are only going to use this perhaps. So I usually use it with another little lighter, so it becomes a little smoother transition to a wonderfully smokey look. I like that there is little glitter in it, perfect for a party. It’s a lot darker than you can see on this picture.

Last one out is ; The Garlic Treatment from Absolute New York


This I have not actually used as much yet, so I will probably come back and talk a little more about this in a later post. But you use it as a base coat.

Here is some information about the product; It will bring back life to dull, weak and brittle nails. Natural garlic enzymes penetrate deep into the nail bed to hydrate, nourish, fortify and Stimulate active growth – for brighter, longer and stronger nails.

I will return with how I think it worked for me! 🙂
This is perfect when I have nail customers that I can test this on too!


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