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Saturday ‘morning’

Hello !

So I woke up at 10am and the first thing I did was to workout. I think it’s the best way to start the day, you feel so great after.  Now it’s only 1 week left of Fitclub too, and it’s gone almost too fast for my liking. But I have had so much fun and the coach is really great too. I’m just waiting for my coach to call me and have a meeting so I can get started with the way I should eat and work out to get the best results for MY body. I am very positive about this change. But at the same time  I don’t think you should end with everything that you like, but it is about thinking about how much and what you eat. You must not eat more than you get rid of.

Yesterday when I stopped working I took the bus and bought myself a fitness kit. This is what I have used this morning 🙂

Todays question to my followers; How do you start your day?:) Leave a comment below! x



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