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Samsung Galaxy Vs. iPhone 5s

Ugh, I have a real decision anxiety. I want to buy a new phone when I got money now and everything. But then, it’s this problem; Which phone should I buy ?!

I have been found three phones that I like, but one will not be out until next month and these other two are quite expensive but still really good phones.

It stands between the Samsung Galaxy Alpha or iPhone 5s … You who have the iphone, what is it that is so good about it according to you? And are there any disadvantages I should know about? haha.

This is so annoying…



7 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Vs. iPhone 5s

  1. I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it has been the most amazing incredible phone I have ever had! My contract ends this year for the phone but I want to keep it, i love it that much! In my opinion after owning iPhones I prefer the Samsung Galaxy’s, everything you want in the iPhone Samsung does better and the battery lasts much longer! 🙂 Hope this helps x

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    1. I did buy the galaxy , but sometimes I still think about getting iphone haha. But I got samsung galaxy alpha, and it’s fast and a good phone from what I’ve been seeing. Only bad thing with it is that the battery didn’t last for very long if you have programs going for a while ..

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      1. I would make sure you cancel off the programmes when you’ve finished with them, if you use it a lot i would recommend getting another battery (amazong and ebay) that could help you out if it gets worse speak to the carrier and see if the battery you have is faulty 🙂 Definitely a good phone i was going the get the Alpha but chose the Note 3! Hope you love it and enjoy it 🙂

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