my day

Every pro was once an amateur

Hi babes!
Been a while now, but I just haven’t anything to write about ? Give me ideas of what you wanna read about? I’m just here waiting for my Glossybox, when it’s coming I will show you guys what I got and what it’s for.
Today I have just been working out, great way to start your day btw! My body will be sore tomorrow but then I’m back at the fitcamp so I will workout and get an even more sore body haha! For those of you who didn’t know – I’ve start to go to a place in town called ‘Fitcamp’ . It’s a 4 weeks free program for those who wanna get healthy and a better and strong body. So we work out 3 times a week and if you wanna you can buy their powder who helps you a little on the way!:) I felt like it was a good thing for me to do now, so we are a few girls who joined in a massive group of people who’s just working out together and having fun on the way to a healthier lifestyle!;)

And I have done a few nails 🙂



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