Off work today and craving tattoos

Today is a red day, which means I’m not working today! So I’m just very lazy today, and watching movies and writing blog posts and little else. Sitting with my coffee cup and just enjoy the day, But tomorrow i’ll be working again.

Anyway, my craving for tattoos have become stronger and I could not keep away from my beloved inspiration. So I’ve taken on some inspiration to tattoos! I’ll show you some of them. Thinking of going to Stockholm soon so I can actually make one. I have a friend of my brothers down there who will do it and have already talked to her. So now I just have to get there too.
Will be interesting when I am weak against pain, haha. I love sleeves too, so maybe one day i’ll actually get one myself lol!

large (16) large (17) large (22) large (19)

large (24)large (21)large (20)   large (23) large (18)


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