my day

– La beauté n’a pas d’age

Hello blog!
So sorry for not update about more interesting things now, but i’m so tired. But I will soon be back on track and give you more inspirations and tips ect! Promise!


Feels like I have not done more than to bake today, worked and had a good day anyway! there have been some unserious moments, but what is a jobs day about not being able to joke around a little? Without a little laughter and a little crazy humor the days would feel incredibly boring.

When one is tired or like goofy as I am right now,  I started to think of some totally unnecessary stuff. As it feels a little half-weird to sit and write blog, and then you may not even have someone who reads it? Like, what will I get out of it? It is designed to write what is on your mind and be able to reach out to people ect ect .. but still .. I do not even know what I’m babbling about right now haha, have been up since 5am, so gonna sleep now. .

But tomorrow is Thursday – which is one day closer to Friday!
Hope you had a lovely day!

~ Je t’aime plus qu’hier mais moins que demain ~
French has to be an incredibly nice language.


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