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Cara Delevingne and eyebrows!

Maybe yet another random post but….Cara Delevingne ….

Okay, can we just drop everything we’re doing and just admire that woman for a while ?! She is simply one of the loveliest people I have noticed! Would have been fun to actually be able to meet her.

She totally ignore what people think and just run her own race. It is wonderful to see such a great person can be themselves fully and not so boring.

Now I know of course that is my opinion and how I see her, it could be something else too. I don’t know her at all, so maybe there are other things behind.Who knows. But I think she’s amazing anyways because of what you see of her , she’s really nice as a person! Funny and a little crazy like that 🙂

Like she said – ‘Embrace your weirdness’

She’s beautiful and I love her brows!

1474469_820384607991926_3773794526904322497_n 10533492_819892101374510_2476433499657723936_n


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