Frizzy Hair

Hello there!

I have read Danielle’s post just now and decided to join the contest to win a beauty box for hair and face ect! I have really easy to get frizzy hair, so I hope I will find something good if I don’t win this box. Sometimes when you look around you and see all the girls and guys with their beautiful hair, you start to wonder what you are doing worng. While you are standing there with the world’s frizzy hair and don’t know how they do it!

I have tested a lot of that serum drops to your hair, and various conditioner and hair mask. Now I finally found a bottle that my hairdresser sold and that she even used in my hair when I cut my hair. It actually helped a lot, I only need to take 4 drops and poof, I have fairly fine hair again!

But I have to brush my hair while it is wet to not get frizzy hair, which I know is not good. So if you have any tips for me it would be great! 🙂

See you later
/ Girl with frizzy hair 😉



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