my day


Hello sunshine!

I’m finally home from work. Don’t take it the wrong way now, it’s a good job but the days have been feeling a little bit to long for my liking haha. Tomorrow I’m gonna work 7am to 12am and then I start again 4pm to 8:30pm, nice with a few hours break:).

Now i’m just sitting here and order some TinyTea from yourtea, does any of you use it? And how have it worked for you then?:)

Please tell me in a comment if you do hah:).

I’ll be completely honest, I have unfortunately nothing interesting to write about right now, if you haven’t noticed. Do you have anything you want me to write about? Should I have a moment when I answer your questions? 🙂 That would’ve been fun!

Sooooo, If you see this and read it, ask me anything you wanna know and I’ll answer the questions on friday!:) (If I get any) haha:).



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