Long hair

Hello lovely readers!

I have noticed that I got some followers lately and it’s really fun to see that I write about things that people actually want to come back and read more about haha!:)

But back to what the post should be about;

I went to cut my hair yesterday and my hair is in my opinion  quite dry and boring. I have dyed it since elementary school, so I guess it has to do with it. But anyways, I was there yesterday and thought that now is the time to fix this, I walked away with what I felt like a brand new hair, so soft and shiny as it was and no tangles at all. It was a long time since my hair was so nice actually haha.

Today I woke up and noticed that they had to have real miracle products for my hair, because my hair looked almost like yesterday when they washed it and fixed it. I tend to get oily hair pretty quickly because I shower and wash it every day. So it was a pleasant surprise haha. Will definitely go there and buy what they used for my hair!

I mentioned that I used  ‘Heads’ n shoulders.’ You should’ve seen their faces. I advise you to stop using it if you do! Haha. Not good for your hair apparently.

Well, that was a real ”get to know my hair” hahaha. Don’t know if it’s that interesting to read about but anyway haha:)

This was my hair before I cut it, it’s almost as long now as it was here. It wasn’t  as broken as I thought. However, it is much healthier and better now 🙂



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