Fashion is passion


Today, it has not actually happened anything special!
But that’s okay. Sunday is a lazy day! Can you say that? never mind.

Just thought I’d show some pictures from yesterday when I picked up my package from Nelly. Not so much, but it’s something !;)

And again, I want to apologize for the poor quality, you have to live with it until I learn how my Nikon works haha :). I’m crazy when it comes to taking photos, but when it comes to large professional cameras, I’m at zero again haha 🙂

20140921_182113_541f10bd9606ee6de83593d8 20140921_182136_541f10acddf2b3111a69302d

20140921_182221_541f10ce2a6b220cc31eac12 20140921_182242_541f10dee087c30c222e5a2a

20140921_182335_541f10f12a6b224e20d44af9 20140921_182409_541f11002a6b22245a39b293 20140921_182418_541f1111ddf2b3663033b96b 20140921_182649_541f112b2a6b229b14dbbac9


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