Miss Glossy


Hello there!

This week is the first I’m working after 4 weeks off, and now I’ve caught a cold. I don’t have luck on my side haha.

So today, I’ve just been at home in front of the computer and looked at lot of movies and eating exotic fruits. I love fruit.


But now to the thing that I actually wanted to talk about!

I am also having a contest where I compete to become the next ‘Miss Glossy’. Where the winner will receive a luxury weekend in Stockholm, we will be styled by L’Oreal Paris’s own stylists, and we also get a glimpse of how things work in modeling career when we do a photo shoot with a world famous fashion photographer. After that, we will be their public face in winter 2015!

This is an incredible great and fun opportunity, as I always wanted to try out what it is like to be a model and I love  hair and the colors and beauty in general.

Sooo.. With this said, I would be soooooo darn happy if you voted for me haha.

But I will have to get it to work first, because people have tried vote for me but it dosn’t wanna work right..I have sent them a message and asked them what it can be.. 



Well….I see you guys later 🙂 




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